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MediateGuru presents

3rd Virtual International Negotiation Competition 2024 
(3rd VINC'24)

18th July 2024 to 21st July 2024

About Negotiation Competition

The Competition aims at providing an opportunity to law students from top universities around the world to practice and improve their negotiation skills. It provides a platform for law students to compete in a truly diverse and international environment, making negotiations more complex than usual.


Participation in the Competition is on the first come first serve basis.

The Competition Administrator reserves the right to charge teams a nominal registration fees, payable online or by any other mode of payment.

Group Calls


MediateGuru’s 3rd Virtual International Negotiation Competition 2024 will be held in virtual mode in the month of July.


Important Dates

  • Launching of Negotiation Problem (before 1st July 2024)

  • Negotiation Plan Submission (16th July 2024)

  • Preliminary Round 1 (18th July 2024)

  • Preliminary Round 2 (19th July 2024)

  • Quarter Final (20th July 2024)

  • Semi Final (20th July 2024)

  • Final (21st July 2024)


There will be team of two individual.  The team will be represented by Eligible Students with one taking the role of "Counsel" and the other taking the role of "Client".

Business Meeting


The Competition will involve the following award categories:

  • Best Negotiating Pair

  • Second Best Negotiating Pair

  • Best Negotiating Pair in prelims

  • Best Negotiation Plan

  • Certificate of Participation

Further detailed incentives under these award criteria’s to be launched before the commencement of the competition

Award Winner


(1) The Organizing Committee will communicate the acceptance of the provisional registration and e-mail the participants.

(2) The Participating Team shall mandatorily fill their necessary details as contained in the google form.

(3) The Competition Organiser reserves the right to charge teams a nominal registration fees, payable online or by any other mode of payment (details available in Brochure)

(4) Please fill in the necessary details by clicking the button below and we'll communicate to you, if your entry has been accepted.

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