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Welcome to our Hall of Fame page, where we showcase our past events/webinars/workshop and the distinguished resource persons who delivered the sessions and imparted their knowledge and wisdom with our members.

1st International Webinar on Singapore Convention on Mediation

Delivered by
Ms. Ana Sambold

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2nd International Webinar on Mastering the Psychology of Mediation

Delivered by
Ms. Amy Lieberman

3rd International Webinar on ADR vs ODR

Delivered by
Ms. Fidana Alieva

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4th International Webinar on Can Mediation Work, if made Mandatory?

Delivered by
Ms. Jennifer Egsgard

5th International Webinar on Careers on ADR

Delivered by
Ms. Amanda J. Lee 
Ms. Maria Camila Hoyos

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1st International Workshop

Session 1
19th September 2020
Fearless Mediation: All issues on the Table. A holistic Approach
by Ms. Kathleen Ruane Leedy
Session 2
20th September 2020
Intimate Partner Violence and Mediation
by Ms. Maureen Robertshaw.

6th International Webinar on Basics of Online Mediation

Delivered by
Ms. Susan Guthrie Esq.

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7th International Webinar on Using Dispute Resolution Clauses to Increase the use of Mediation

Delivered by
Ms. Rachael Bicknell

2nd International Workshop

Session 1
20th October 2020
Practical peace-making and justice - empowering mediators to engage with people not just facts
by Ms. Sarah Blake  

Session 2
22nd October 2020
Dispute Resolution through Mediation - Actionable Tools and Techniques
by Mr. Jonathan Bory.

Two Day Workshop on Mediation.png
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-15 at 6.36.48 AM.jpeg

3rd International Workshop

Session 1
20th November 2020
The Dispute Prevention – Resolution Continuum
by Ms. Reshma Oogorah
Session 2
21st November 2020
Mediating disputes and facilitating dialogue through the Person Centered Approach
by Mr. Rafael Tyszblat

8th International Webinar on Advanced Issues in Mediation

Delivered by 
Ms. Ana Sambold Esq.
Ms. Susan Guthrie Esq.

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4th International Workshop 

 Session 1
12th December 2020
Med-Arb or Arb-Med: A hybrid ADR mechanism
By Ms. Stefanie Efstathiou

Session 2
13th December 2020
Mediation Blowups: The Amygdala Hijacking
By Ms.  Kathleen Ruane Leedy 

5TH International Workshop

Using Conflict Coaching for better outcomes in Mediation
by Ms. Michelle Arbid
on 23rd Jan 2020

5th International Workshop.png
6th International Workshop on Mediation.png

6th International Workshop

Session 1
20th February 2021
Mediation Secrets for Better Business Negotiations: Top Techniques from Mediation Training Experts
By Dr Salam Abdel Samad  

Session 2
21st February 2021
Panel Discussion on Can we Mediate Criminal Cases?
By Dr. Ashu Dhiman, Mr. Pascal Comvalius and Ms. Vassiliki Koumpli

9th International Webinar on Mediation and Litigation –  Best friends or Just Casual Acquaintances?

Delivered by 
Mr. Andrew Miller QC

International Webinar on Mediation and Litigation –  Best friends or Just Casual Acquainta
7th International Workshop-2.png

7th International Workshop

Session 1
21st May 2021
The Three Narratives of Mediation
By Ms. Kathleen Ruane Leedy
Session 2
22nd May 2021
Alternative Methods for Collective Dispute Resolution and Collective Bargaining
By Dr. Juan Lattanzio.  

Session 3
23rd May 2021
The Lawyer's Role in Mediation
By Prof. Dr. Bryan Clark.

8th International Workshop

Session 1
18th June 2021
Digitization in International Commercial Arbitration
By Ms. Magdalena Łągiewska

Session 2
19th June 2021
Careers in Arbitration
By Ms. Stefanie Efstathiou

Session 3
20th June 2021
Mediate! Be the change you want to create
By Ms. Orit Asnin

Brochure for 8th International Workshop on ADR-2.png
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9th International Workshop

Session 1

23rd July 2021

Likeability and building rapport in a Mediation

By Mr. Edward Miller

Session 2

24th July 2021

Four Cornerstones of Mediation

By Ms. Winter Wheeler

Session 3

25th July 2021

The Anatomy of an Arbitration

By Ms. Reshma Oogorah

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