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MediateGuru's Mentorship Program

MediateGuru is proud to announce, it’s ambitious ‘Mentor-Mentee Program’, with a vision of creating a learning and grooming atmosphere for upcoming generation of ADR enthusiasts. Practically all law students, lack guidance and mentorship, which can cause severe hurdles to them in furthering their career. We aim to bridge that gap, and provide mentorship opportunities to the students, under our diverse panel of mentors.


Under this mentorship program, the goal would be to make student more aware about practical aspect of mediation and arbitration and facilitate the learning and flow of experience from mentor to mentee.


Please note that the programme is by no means a guaranteed pathway towards internships or job offers at their mentor’s good offices/organizations, unless otherwise offered by mentor in his/her good faith.


1) Any law student or a young practitioner can apply to be a mentee.

2) Any practicing professional or academician can apply to be a mentor.

3) No mentee can expect renumeration or employment promise (including internship) of any kind, unless specifically offered by mentor.

4) Mentorship Manager will keep track of Mentor Mentee Relation, and make sure that there is a sufficient interaction and active participation from both the sides.

5) Mentee's to submit weekly reports of what they learnt, from their mentors. The same can be published on MediateGuru's Blog, unless the research conducted is of confidential nature for the mentor.

6) In case of any dispute, Mentorship Manager will be deciding authority.

Why you should Enrol, as a Mentee?

  • Opportunity to get mentored and groomed by experienced professionals

  • Learn practical aspects of ADR.

  • Networking opportunity

  • Gain experience

Why you should Enrol, as a Mentor?

  • Opportunity to mentor young and bright minds of upcoming generation.

  • Further your legacy, by sharing your wisdom and experience.

  • Networking opportunities with other mentors and mentees.

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